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Lochlan Masters - Madison, WI


Lochlan Masters has been performing illusions ever since he was old enough to walk to the neighborhood magic shop by himself. He began as a street magician in his teens, trying out card tricks on passersby, living on tips and thriving on feedback. He split his time after college between magic and engineering. Magic won. For the past twenty five years, Lochlan has been performing full-time for audiences around the world -- at street fairs, corporate events, trade shows, the Jay Leno show, private parties, -- and the occasional passerby.

Matthew Teague - Fitchburg, WI

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A Madison, WI based magician, everything Matthew does is accomplished through sleight of hand, illusions, psychology, suggestion, and the hidden science of human behavior. Join him on an adventurous journey through the mysterious workings of the mind.

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