Featured Magician: Dave Maldo

SeeLiveMagic Magician Dave Maldo

When people think “magician” they usually conjure up images of of men in tails, with top hats and possibly rabbits. Some people will think of the big names in magic and picture Harry Houdini dangling in a straight jacket over of the streets of New York or David Copperfield flying around a Las Vegas stage. …

The Emerging Magic of Philly


New York, Hollywood, Chicago, Las Vegas. For the last hundred years, these cities have pretty much dominated the magic scene in North America. The greatest magicians of the 21st Century spent much of their lives traveling to, from and amongst the four, seeking out what magicians call, “the real work”. Underground talent, rumored sleights, and …

“Out of this World” Family Magic With Evan Reynolds

If you’re looking for fun in the greater Atlanta area, get ready to spend a special day with your family enjoying the charming and amazing magic that is Evan Reynolds.

An atmosphere worth finding, at the Tap Room in Orlando, Fl

Tap Room orlando

Just outside of historic Winter Park, Florida sits, The Tap Room. Amid the backdrop are pristine fairways mixed with mammoth live oaks and enchanting Spanish moss that each contribute to a magical atmosphere that makes this small gem a favorite among the locals and a hidden treasure within Central Florida.

The Supernaturalist

The art of magic is one with an incredibly rich history. It’s roots go back thousands of years and to this day it flows through the veins of so many entertainment mediums. The gambler, the pickpocket, the street hustler, the side-show artist, the circus performer, and the palm reader all borrow pieces of their culture …

See Live Magic is Here!


Welcome! We here at See Live Magic are incredibly excited that after so much hard work and dedication by every member of our team, we have launched this new website and venture! As you can probably tell, we absolutely love seeing great magic performed inches from our eyes! Presented with charm, grace and humility by …